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The Lure of the Pinball

1This book provides a complete survey of the ultimate 20th century toy; the graphic artistry, the technical innovations - from the 1930s, when the game was little more than coin-operated bagatelle, to the present day, when machines talk back. Theme games, celebrity-linked games, bumpers, kickers, solenoids and flippers, PINBALL is a delicious indulgence for the fanatical collector or competitor, and the casual player.

Pinball art has always reflected contemporary interests; the 1960s saw a great number of space games for example, when the space race was practically a global obsession, and it's hardly an exaggeration to say that the pinball backglass has always acted as a kind of mirror to fashion and to con

temporary attitudes. Looking at pinball art in this way - as a kind of accidental historical document - from the war theme games of the 1940s to the fantasy themes of the eighties, is one of the delights of browsing through this collection of füll colour illustrations.


PINBALL is also a peerless reference work, including an exhaustive list of all machines ever made in the United States. Chicago has always been the home of pinball, where most machines
are designed and built, but the story of European manufacture is fascinating in itself, with excellent and innovative contributions from companies such as Rally in France.
Where to play, where to buy, simple maintenance, dose analysis of the most influential machines: PINBALL answers all the questions about one of the most addictive and successful games ever.




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Gary Flower & Bill Kurtz


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The Lure of the Silver ball 8
The Early Days (1930-44) 20
The Post-War Era (1945-60) 36
The Growing Years (1960-77) 50
The Electronic Age (1975-88) 74
Pinball at Home 98
Pinball Ephemera 108
Fifty Years of Pinball 122




Persönliche Kritik

Ein bunter Streifzug durch 50 Jahre Flippergeschichte. Viele grossformatige Farbfotos von Flippern, Scheiben, Prospekten und Technik. Das richtige Werk zum Schmökern.